Software is moving ahead rapidly, and to use it efficiently and right way we offer IBM Domino training services.
Our trainer is a certified IBM Domino/Notes instructor since 2005. He has experience since 1998, he is соauthor of three IBM publeshed IBM Redbooks in USA.

We read same courses as in any other training center, but our training has a huge advantage:

  • Our instructor is a “playing coach”, who works with technology every day. Sometimes some new features has some hidden underwater stones, that are not covered in standard course;
  • We have not only theoretical but also practical knowledge that we share with young students;
  • We are flexible, we can teach you onsite, come to your country;
  • We adjust course to customer environment, as a result customer has knowledge and experience that is almost the same as in production;
  • We are several IBM Beta program participant, we know about coming features. In majority of cases this kind of knowledge saves money to our customers;
  • We traing people with and without experience in IBM Domino/Notes. These people can fullfull their duties after one week in production (admins, designers or helpdesk people).

Many things can be configured and realized different ways. We teach our students not only about different ways of doing same things, but also about Best Practice recommended by IBM and Do It Right know as DIR approach.

We train:

  • IBM Domino Administration:
    • IBM Domino System Administration Operating Fundamentals (1 day);
    • Building the IBM Domino Infrastructure (2 days);
    • Managing IBM Domino Servers and Users (2 days).
  • IBM Domino Development;
  • IBM Notes HelpDesk Course;
  • IBM Notes Advanced HelpDesk Course.

IBM Redbooks: