IBM Notes and Domino 9 – is leading collaboration platform for building business application and collaborate better. It is designed to provide business efficient, easy to use, scalable, low cost platform for secure business application. document workflow, decision making and electronic collaboration (email, calendar, todo, chat, filesharing).

Indepentent agency «Gartner», well known for its raiting in IT area, stated that «IBM Notes client today delivering look and feel and functionality today, as after 5 years all collaboration client will look like». Meaning that IBM is ahead of other vendors in collaboration area at least five years.

Advantages of IBM Notes/Domino:

Low total cost of ownership

Low total cost of ownership is archived by built-in monitoring, flexible user policies and automatization of server maintenance. This makes IBM Domino/Notes reliable platform, and allows IT people focus on other imporant business tasks.

  • Wide range of supported hardware and OS, allows choose confguration of product, that matches perfectly budget and IT strategy of organization.
  • Efficient and group based management of IBM Domino servers can be done from browser or IBM Domino Administrator programme.
  • IBM Domino Domain Monitoring(DDM) keeps eye on health of Domino servers, and react on events that happens in environment. DDM comes with out of the box set of hundreds rules from IBM what is good and what is bad, as well built-in actions and knowledge base how to fix issues.
  • IBM Domino Configuration Tuner that is part of Domino, checks if environment is configured according to latest IBM best Practice and recomendation. This allows fix issues with security and performance or configuration without external help.
  • Smart Upgrade technology centralizes upgrades of IBM Notes clients. This drastically decreases IBM Notes upgrade time and number of calls to helpdesk.
  • With the help of IBM Notes ID vault passwords can be easily reset by helpdesk or even users.
  • Integration with operating systems allows deployment Single-Sign on with Windows and Mac OS X.

Decreasing costs of deployment and infrastructure

Low requirements to hardware computing power, compression and data deduplication, support of wide range of operating systems and hardware architectures decreases costs of deployment and infrastructure.

  • Low storage space usage and increased bandwidth output, due to attachment, database, network traffic compression in large applications which contains large graphical objects, video clips and other media content.
  • Attachment deduplication system DAOS saves one copy of attachment, which makes deduplication system extemely efficient, and decreasing email disk storage sometime 200% and improving performance significantly.
  • Wide range of supported hardware and system platforms allows to deploy IBM Domino/Notes practically in any environment. Following hardware platforms are supported:
    • Intel/AMD x86-64;
    • IBM POWER System;
    • IBM z Systems.
  • and operation systems:
    • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 and above, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 and higher);
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and above;
    • IBM AIX 7.1 and above;
    • IBM i 6.1 and above.

High speed of business decision making

High speed of business decision making is supported by availability of information anytime from any device (PC, Tablet, smartphone). Following desktop and mobile platforms are supported:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 and above;
  • Apple Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and above;
  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Client 6 и Ubuntu 12.04 LTS);
  • Apple iOS 4 and above;
  • Android 2.2 and above;
  • Blackberry 10;
  • Windows Phone 7.5 and above.

Rapid application development environment

Rapid application environment provides almost unlimited development capabilities , with endless extension of environment, by creating own business-processes, document storage and information processing options.

  • Built-in business process management system (workflow) provides opportunity to create applications, which makes document management process simple, transparent and trackable, as well compliant with regulations and company requirements.
  • Document storage facility provides secure and reliable data storage that can be integration with other systems and RDBMS.
  • Applications based on IBM Domino can be accessed from IBM Notes client, web browser and mobile devices, which makes business users mobile, agile and information is available any time and anywhere.
  • Wide range of out of the box business applications templates and rich application development posibilities allows IT to deliver business units new business tools, adapted for company needs or choose solution from thousands of applications offered by IBM Business Partners.

Business information protection

Flexible role based access control, built-in data protection system, cryptography, electronic signature support (signing/encryption/verification) protects business critical information on various levels.

  • Public/Private key infrastructure which is a built in feature for many years in IBM Notes/Domino, delivers outstanding capabilities for user identification by certificates, password, one-time passwords or 2 factor authentication, database, document, or even field encryption. As well on the fly electronic signature verification.
  • Support of x.509 digital internet certificates.
  • Списки управления доступом (Access Control Lists) позволяют задать тип пользователя, уровень и права доступа к приложениям и назначить одну или несколько ролей.
  • Smart Card support.
  • Support of FIPS 140-2, standard that is required by many government institution.
  • SAML support with IBM and Microsoft products.

Business Data High Availability

Data is available to business with the help of built-in (free) clustering option, automatic diagnostics, data replication and automatic recovery in case of hardware or OS failure.

  • Clusterisation technology joins set of servers, to provide users high-availability of information. Thus offering business availability of business information without breaks for maintenance, and simplifying IT people maintenance and upgrades of infrastructure.
  • Support of heterogenious clusters running on different operating systems, different geographical locations (geo-cluster), or even different hardware platforms.
  • Replications technology and business application synchronization provides actual data across all servers in company.

Wide range of additional software

Together with IBM Notes/Domino you are entitled to use following licences for free:

  • IBM Connections (Files and Profiles) – Your first step to deploy Social Business concept inside your company.
  • IBM Traveler – mobile access to your Mail, Calendar, ToDo, private and corporate address book.
  • IBM Sametime Entry – Real time chat and presence awarnes.
  • IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator – Unique solution that allows you integrates systems, for example simplify Account creatation between IBM Domino, Microsoft Active Directory or Novell eDirectory and Oracle, other LDAP. Solution has numerous number of connectors that allow you integrate IBM Domino with any other system.

Choosing IBM Solutions You will receive stable and best in class innovative technologies!
This will help your company beat your competitors, while offering employees modern and effective tools for business!