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ExtraComm SecurTrac – award-winning product that monitors and audits your IBM Domino infrastructure. This is a non-disruptive and non intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all objects, as well as all operational activities within the IBM Notes & Domino environment. A native IBM Domino server add-in task, SecurTrac can be configured to meet all of your compliance needs and concerns, whether you’re an SMB or a large enterprise.

Main SecurTrac features :

  • Complete activities and change monitoriong. It includes:
    • Mail Monitor;
    • Database Monitor;
    • Domino Directory Monitor;
    • Notes.ini File Monitor;
    • Intrusion Detection Monitor;
    • User Activity Monitor.
  • Full Admin detection and logging;
  • Mail Policy Filter;
  • Criteria to Match – New Formula Wizard;
  • Bulk Action Detection.
  • Easily restore deleted or updated documents, design elements and ACL;

CYONE offers full SecurTrac solution implementation and support.

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